In his own Words:  Jeff ConnawayJeff Connaway

"When my mom started to decline, the doctor recommended we look at Hospice Care.  We chose Hospice of North Idaho- they were with us for the last three months of mother’s life.

It’s not just the functional things that they did, like administer drugs and care for my mother and ease her pain, which they were great at.  It was the fact that they were there with us, the family. 

They understood the bigger picture.  They created structure for my mother and we could structure our days around them, which was invaluable.  They gave my mother something different and something to look forward to. 


Hospice of North Idaho stayed in touch with us for over a year after my mother passed away.  Even though we felt prepared when she died, it was great to know they were there for us, and we would get calls and visits from the staff. 

I get a feeling that working for Hospice of North Idaho must be a lot like going to church."