Leadership Teams

As the hospice with the most experienced staff in North Idaho, our collaborative team will help you and your loved ones live as fully as possible by focusing on comfort and quality of life.

Administrative Team

Kim Ransier, President: Executive Director

Sarah McCracken, Treasurer: Director of Finance

Laurie Whitcomb: Director of Human Resources

Sue Howlett, Vice President: Vice President and Director of Information Technology

Amanda Miller: Director of Communication

Nancy Cowley: Director of Community Development 

Cindy Shannon: Director of Outreach

Christy Miller, Secretary 

Clinical Team

Robert Ancker, MD: Co-Medical Director

Shana Fogarty, MD: Co-Medical Director

Mary Lenox: Director of Social Services

Mary Neel, MSW: Director of Volunteer Services

Adrean Dills : Director of Spiritual Care

Kathleen Potter, RN: Nurse Supervisor

DeAnn Lien, RN: Nurse Supervisor

Cindy Reed, RN: Director of Hospice House